Tuesday, August 17, 2010

100 men @ shade inc.

adelaide ivánova world tour 2010 em novo show:

100 men
(projection of pictures of a 100 beautiful men i met* in this beautiful life)
when: tomorrow, august 18th, 00h, on the shadebox of shade inc.
where: NBI - schönhauser allee, 36
why: because!

hope to see everybody there, it will be my birthday bash! and ricardo told me he will play christina for us fighters!

(and "met" doesn´t mean "had sex with", ok?! i am wasting my time explaining this because there are so many idiots in this world...)

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Bruno Dalto said...

quase chorei lendo o post do lançamento do anel, sabendo quem é jano também acho que ela vai chorar.
esse post aí tá muito devasso.