Saturday, March 14, 2015

madonna e o estupro

According to RAINN, about 68 percent of rapes are never reported. Likely, part of this tendency to underreport is because of the stigma, negative attention and re-traumatization that many victims of sexual assault face during the reporting process. And at the end of the day, just two of every 100 people who commit rape will ever receive jail time. 

 It's not hard to imagine why so many survivors of sexual assault wait years -- and even decades -- to come forward with their stories. Once a victim reports sexual assault, he or she must undergo an invasive medical exam to gather physical evidence if the assault happened during the previous five days, divulge traumatic details about the incident and his or her personal life, retell the details of the assault during a trial (if one ever happens), and face the possibility of being maligned by the media, his or her peers and/or institution of higher learning.

artigo simples curto e excelente, que eu assino embaixo de cada palavra, sobre madonna e estupro. leiam, beijos.

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